Duty Drawback

Duty Drawback is the refund of 99% of the duty paid on imported merchandise that is exported within 3 years from the date of import. Duty Drawback can be claimed up to 3 years after the date of export. The purpose of drawback is to encourage U.S. exports or manufacturing or both. It enables the U.S. exporter and/or manufacturer to compete in foreign markets without the handicap of including in costs, and subsequently in sales prices, the duty paid on imported merchandise. As an international transportation and logistics company, Panalpina is very pleased to offer this value-added service to its customers.


Partnering with our customers, the Panalpina Drawback team consistently outperforms expectations by offering creative solutions to optimize drawback recoveries and strengthen our customers’ bottom line. Panalpina has helped recover millions of dollars in duties for its customers.


You may be eligible for Duty Drawback if your company has one or more of the following attributes:


  • Exports (or destroys) unused imported duty-paid merchandise
  • Exports (or destroys) merchandise that has been manufactured in the U.S. using imported, duty-paid components
  • Exports (or destroys) imported duty-paid merchandise that is sold to a U.S. customer who then exports the merchandise (or uses to manufacture exported products)
  • Exports (or destroys) imported, duty-paid goods that are rejected


Strategic benefits to our customers:

  • Develop and manage detailed, customized drawback programs
  • Prepare and file electronically accelerated drawback entries enabling prompt payment of refunds
  • Consultation services provided by knowledgeable drawback specialists with expertise in statutory regulations of U.S. Customs and dedication to compliance
  • Utilization of customized drawback software for accurate processing and management reporting
  • Maintains frequent communication with U.S. Customs for advanced updates on all regulatory and compliance news


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