Panalpina offers forwarding services along with logistics support and supply chain management. Please note that Panalpina does not handle transportation of personal effects, nor household goods for any private individual.

If you have a regular contact person at Panalpina, please enter the name in the form so that your request will be forwarded accordingly.

We will respond to your request within 24 hours. At times, however, it is necessary for us to obtain further details from our overseas colleagues and it may take us a little longer.


After more than 50 years, Panalpina's connect magazine will be retired and integrated into the new Panalpina communications platform. Visit the Newsroom for media releases, blog posts, updates about our products and projects and upcoming events. Previous issues of connect can be downloaded below.



Edition 1/2016

The main topics of the issue are:
- Africa is the new Asia
- How to eat an elephant
- A large footprint in Africa
- The rise of circular supply chains

Edition 1/2015

The main topics of the issue are:

- Automotive supply chains: Trends and opportunities

- Panalpina's customs brokerage services in Russia

- How RFID tagging creates value in fashion logistics

- Emergency logistics: ready to cap an oil well blow-out incident

Cover of connect 1/2014

Edition 2/2014

The main topics of the issue are:

- Energy Solutions

- Transport of 12 Caterpillar genset engines

- The world's largest cargo port

- The Antonov 124 is a robust solution for exceptional cargo.

Cover of connect 1/2014

Edition 1/2014

The main topics of the issue are:

- Fashion logistics

- Transport of flowers requires special care.

- Flying postman: On-board courier service

- Discover how the new tool “EcoTransIT World” can produce accurate reports on the ecological impact of shipments.

- Lean training excellence



Edition 2/2013

The main topics of the issue are:

- Global Head of Logistics at Panalpina, Mike Wilson, explains why it is a relational business and how logistics services create value

- Bypassing all obstacles: Heavy lift in Turkey

- Showcasing Brazil to the world: Panalpina’s services to support Brazil in throwing memorable events

- Air freight standards and governance: Jeannette Goeldi about the changes in the industry

- New order management: “Managed Solutions” facilitates the procurement process of Panalpina's customers


Edition 1/2013

The main topics of the issue are:

- The Russian and CIS logistics market: Cope with extreme geographic, climatic and administrative variations

- Keeping cool: New technologies and processes help Panalpina to maintain the cool chain at all times

- Pfizer: «Panalpina’s air freight network is unique»

- The human factor with information security

Edition 1/2012

The main topics of the issue are:

- Intra Asia logistics: Notoriously tricky but with potential to be simplified

- Maersk Line and their plans for further improvements

- Daily business of a freight forwarding specialist in Luxembourg

- Panalpina’s warehouse optimization tool

- The 2012 Third-Party Logistics Study points out trends of the business


Edition 1/2011

A lady to keep your eye on - how a student improved procedures and business performance


An office with a breath-taking view - A flying veteran visits Luxembourg


A world in transition - Globalization and its impact on forwarding and logistics firms

2010 - Compliance Edition

Compliance - a competitive advantage - how Panalpina tackles this issue


Panalpina is definitely on the right track - customer interview about compliance challenges in the oil and gas industry


Compliant across all industries - Compliance as an order qualifier

2/2009 Edition

End-to-end cold chains present a real challenge to the air freight business


Karl Weyeneth on the significance of a global network


Project business: a prime example of close cooperation

1/2009 Edition

Panalpina’s project specialists airfreight a metro train to India


Sandro Knecht on Panalpina’s sales targets and SCM strategy


Panalpina works with Swiss Red Cross to deliver help where it is needed

1/2008 Edition

Panalpina: logistics partner to the Grazbased company Leder und Schuh


CEO Monika Ribar on Panalpina’s competitive advantages and priorities


Panalpina and the Red Cross working together to combat suffering in Ghana

2/2007 Edition

Gerhard Fischer: A life for Panalpina


Automotive: Global Sourcing – a challenge for suppliers and logistics companies


Vision First: Panalpina helps the Red Cross in its fight against povertyinduced blindness

1/2007 Edition

Central Asia: Exciting challenges in an up-and-coming market


CEO Monika Ribar on her plans, long-term vision and management philosophy


Panalpina provides Solvay Chemicals with tailored customer solutions

1/2006 Edition



Panalpina’s logistics solutions for the telecommunications sector

2/2005 Edition



September 22, 2005: Going public of Panalpina

1/2005 Edition



Tailored Logistics Solutions for the Fashion Industry

2/2004 Edition



Happy Anniversary Panalpina! 50 years on the move.

1/2004 Edition



Panalpina – partner to the automotive industry

2/2003 Edition



Long-standing partnership between Ericsson and Panalpina

1/2003 Edition



Gargantuan logistics projects on Sakhalin Island